RV of the Year Winner – Winnebago Horizon

If you were to choose two words to describe the 2018 Horizon, they would be “Understated Elegance”.

The first thing that catches your eye is the clean sophisticated looking black and white exterior. And, like any work of art, the closer you look, the more you see and appreciate like the ghost graphics painted into the black stripes.

The Horizon’s ‘understated elegance, continues on the interior with its refreshingly clean design, highlighted by LED tube lighting and luxurious Villa furnishings. Most notably on the interior is the beautifully finished white cabinetry which blends nicely with the warm, subdued colored fabrics and trim for that total visual experience.

The full galley comes is equipped with a residential-style refrigerator and the versatile, Glide and Dine dining table and chairs that allow you to configure your dining area to suit your needs.

The spacious master bedroom offers abundant storage and is available with a walk- around “recline / incline” king size bed.

The Horizon is built on a Turbo-Diesel- powered Maxum chassis so you can count on performance, ride, handling and storage to match the Horizons elegant, good looks.

With the 2018 Horizon, you’re sure to drive, arrive and thrive in style.

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