An Solo Woman, a Tear Drop Trailer and a Pack of Rats

Imagine being a solo woman who dreams of traveling but is afraid to tell her friends and family knowing they will try to talk her out of it. But, you do it anyway! That's Cindy Barnhill's story.

We met Cindy at the RVing Women event at Fort McDowell recently. She gave us the interview below.

Cindy's sister has a Class C and encouraged Cindy with her dream of purchasing a trailer and joining RVW (RVing Women). Cindy has now been RVing for 2 1/2 years. She's travelled about 250 nights in it, most of them with RVW at official events and also NOGS (not official group). Listen to the NOG she went on last year, oh my! It was the 'trip of a lifetime!'.

She calls her rig 'Puppy'. It's a tear drop T@B trailer. Be sure to see the video to see it and why she calls it 'Puppy'. She can't say enough good things about her rig which is 'made by the Amish in Indiana'. Everything works which is what you want. I'm not a technical person and when I push a button I want it to work, and it does. So I have great respect to the people who made it." Cindy pulls her T@B with a 4 cylinder Subaru Outback.

She admits it would be scary to travel alone without the support of this group of women. When you hear her story and put yourself in her place, you'd feel that way too!

Her story is, we think, out of the ordinary. Her Subaru decided one morning not to start. Turns out a pack of rats decided to make a nest. So, how was she to get her trailer to the next destination and what do to with her car? VERY funny and clever solution this group of women decided on! Be sure to give the video a watch and remember what Linda Brown says,  "I would say to all of you, don't be afraid to get out there on the road. There is the fear of doing it and the fear of not doing it. You are never going to know until you get out there one foot at a time, one mile at a time and go from A to B."


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