RV Tech Tip – Propane Caution

Jeff Johnston shows us how easy it is to get ourselves into a dangerous situation if we’re not careful around an RV gas stove.

It’s amazing how quickly a simple thing can turn into a dangerous situation when we least expect it. This is what happen to Michelle and Laurie (Two Gals and a Dog) during a recent trip to get some RV maintenance done. Luckily, Jeff Johnston happened to be around and found the problem before anything happened.

Come to find out, one of the maintenance personnel while working inside the trailer must have brushed up against the RV stove and unknowingly turned on one of the knobs. This went unnoticed until everyone arrived back home and quickly smelled the odor of propane coming from the trailer. Once they got the door open it was obvious that the leak was coming from inside the trailer and upon further examination found the open knob.

Problem solved before anything serious happened, but a lesson learned about being careful and checking those gas stove knobs anytime you or someone is working around the stove.

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