We Found our Lance and Called it ‘Ours’

Once we decided on our first RV purchase of a Lance 1575, we learned there aren't many Lance dealerships on the East Coast. Lance is manufactured in California. The closest dealer who had our model is Happy Camping RV Sales in Vermontville, NY, just about 300 miles from us. I called to confirm they did have the model on the lot and we made plans to head up there Saturday, June 21st.

I am familiar with members of the New England RV Dealers Association as NERVDA is one of my social media/web clients. Many NERVDA dealerships are family-owned. Many of them are sizable with hundreds of units on their lots which are often right off the highway. So I expected something similar with Happy Camping RV Sales.

Laurie and I got a late start on Saturday leaving the house at 10am. Our fault for going out the night before and having a terrific time with girlfriends, drinking wine and listening to Dueling Pianos! And, for some reason I wasn't thinking that 300 miles was that far... daaa... We ended up arriving just after 4pm and they close at 5pm (no, I won't write about the speeding ticket!).

The drive took us through Lake George and Lake Placid (where the Winter Olympics were held twice, once in 1932 and again in 1980). We continued to meander through the Adirondacks and I wondered, 'Where IS this place?" Most dealerships are just off a highway. Not Happy Camping! If we weren't feeling so hurried it would have been more enjoyable which is certainly was on the way home. We were also running into hundreds of motorcycles. Now I know what the Americade is!

Hans and Pam Michielen own Happy Camping RV Sales. It's their home too! The front part of the home has been turned into a small parts store and office. Their front yard is graced with three quality lines of RVs; the Aliner, the Retro and Lance.

Max greeted us and we started having a great conversation. Thanks to Laurie who took all these videos for us. In this one Max tells us about the dealership until we got interrupted by.... ice cream!

Here, Max shows us the outside of our new Lance 1575.

And then the inside! Can you tell I'm just a little excited?

Some of their other Lance inventory.

Max shows us the Retro line which really is 'very cool'.

Finally we get a peek at the Aliner brand they carry!

As we were filing out paperwork we got to know Pam much better. Many common interests! We're even planning to have them visit us in our Arizona home if timing comes together. They'll be RVing out west about the same time as us, so we'll try to connect! We not only bought our first RV trailer but we've got some new friends in the RV world! This new world is opening up all kinds of doors and we are READY!

We also now have our delivery date... June 28th! - our next blog post will be about the details of the delivery including the paperwork challenges!

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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