In Search of the Internet

RV travel we shall.. but NOT without the Internet! Having good Internet access is important to most RVers. Working with Rollin' On TV and other clients makes it pretty darn important to me.

So, as we started our journey crossing this wonderful country of ours, having Internet access was a high priority. There are many options out there and we've been researching but the personal experiences we have in life usually point out the proper solution.

Choosing to stay at KOA's on this trip provided one important thing. They all provide wi-fi. As we have learned, these are not all the same. The majority were fine but there were several who used systems that we just couldn't tie into.

For example, we arrived at our current location, Silver City, NM at 7pm. The managers graciously welcomed us and gave us all the info we needed along with two macadamia nut cookies. We were guided to our full hookup site and settled in. It was the first time we had been given a unique password code for the wi-fi hotspot - fontaine18. Well, I'm not new to techie stuff, but I tried to find a place to put that code in and no success. Too late last night to ask for help and too early this morning to, our back-up, more and more often, is our Verizon personal hot-spot. The next morning I tried again and finally the browser window opened to enter the code.

Two other KOA's had Tengo Internet. One was excellent, the other was too poor to use. The last stop in Picacho Peaks only had wi-fi available in the office or at two portable seat situations outside of the office. So, my point is don't expect just because you stay at a KOA that you'll be all set with Internet. If it's important, figure out another way.

Our Verizon plan costs us $138 a month for the plan and one extra user. Their unlimited plan is $160 a month so it appears our plan would only go up to $171.31 a month. There are limitations to the unlimited plan but likely not ones we will reach with our usage.

We aren't streaming media or big gamers. So this will be our first step-up for Internet use when we travel. If that isn't adequate, we'll try wi-fi boosters.

Our friends at RV Education 101 recently wrote about boosting cell signals. And, we'll updates this article as we learn more, and implement more! Just like all of you, we want to keep unnecessary costs down and buy just what is right for us.

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