Single RVing Woman Tests the Gemini Motorhome

More and more single women and single moms are hitting the road and enjoying RV vacations either by themselves or with the family.

It wasn’t always this way. For quite a while, many single women questioned whether they could drive a motorhome, or learn how to tow a trailer. Well, more and more women are finding out that with some quick lessons from an experienced person it’s not that difficult.

This week we look back at a story we did with Allison Hayes and her daughter Emory as it exemplifies exactly what we are talking about.

If Allison looks familiar to you, especially if you live in and around Elkhart, Indiana, there’s good reason. Besides being the co host of our RVBusiness Magazine RV Of The Year Show, Allison is also a seasoned TV news and sports personality on ABC 57 and on the Big Ten Sports Network.

While hosting the RV Of The Year Show a couple of years ago, Allison mentioned how she would love to take her daughter Emory on an RV vacation, but had never been in a motorhome, never mind drive one. So the folks at Thor Industries arranged to get Allison one of their new Gemini motorhomes for her to use. With a couple hours of orientation she was ready to hit the road. Of course we tagged along and got the whole adventure on tape. Check it out and who knows, you may be saying.. heck I can do that too.

For more information on the Gemini motorhome visit:

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