Spring RV Checks

Spring RV Checks before you hit the roadWith Spring finally here (for some), Mark Polk of RV Education 101 fills us in on some important Spring checks you should perform on your RV before heading out this season.

Checking the batteries is first on Mark's list.

Next is the RV water system. If it was winterized you need to de-winterize it and you should sanitize it. Mark shows us how.

RV Tires loose a percentage of air pressure while sitting in storage. Be sure to check the tire pressures with a good tire pressure gauge.

RV Roof, seams and sealants – every seam on your RV has the potential to leak. It's important to check them all. Consult your manuals and dealer for sealer compatibility.

RV safety devices – when RVs sit in storage be sure to check all safety devices. Note that these devices have expiration dates. Check them!

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