Starcraft GPS Travel Trailer

2018 looks like a banner year for new, exciting RVs both in the motorized and towable categories. This isn’t always the case. This is the time of year we cover the RV industry trade shows where RV companies launch their new or reworked models for the upcoming year. And yes…. some years you have to look for hours to find something new at these events but that isn’t the case this year.

For 2018 it seems like virtually every manufacturer has pulled out the stops on design and innovation and brought out some exciting new stuff. Bob Zagami from RV Insights covered the big Elkhart Open House industry event for us and came up with some very interesting product launches for us to look at.

This week, Bob meets with Nick Eppert, National Sales Manager for Starcraft RV and learns all about their new GPS model travel trailer. At first glance it looks like a standard looking travel trailer but, if you blink your eyes and take a second look you start seeing a lot of new… and yes, exciting, innovative firsts for a trailer like this. 'Exciting and innovative firsts' is a phrase we hear from companies all the time, but it’s just a marketing term and doesn’t mean much in most cases. But with the GPS, the phrase fits.

Lets start with the front of the unit. If you’re looking for storage bays, the GPS has them, but what it also has is a huge walk-in front, outside storage room, with a full-size door (think BIG closet).

On the back side, the GPS has a nice, raised patio deck (think toy-hauler), accessed through a large door on the back wall. The deck has a specially designed Carefree awning that even has side and back curtains. As you’ll see in the story, this raised patio deck and awning is very useful as the day Bob did this story, it was raining (need we say more about the practicality of this feature?)

Another item that you don’t see but wish you had on your trailer is a 100-gal fresh water tank along with larger grey and black water tanks. How practical is that?

Anyway, this would be a two-page article if we had to cover all the new ideas on the GPS, so just click on the video of this week’s show and see for yourself.

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