Our Thankful Contest Winner Shares her Story

Julian's mom, Thuy Vu, wrote about being thankful for her son. Thuy Vu, congratulations on winning the $500 holiday prize and thank you for sharing your son's story. We can see why you are proud! Happy Holidays from Rollin' On TV!

"This picture was taken on Thanksgiving four years ago, when my oldest son Julian was about to depart for the Navy. He was 18 at the time and knew nothing about the world's hardship except what I had told him. He gave our country four years of his life, to go and fight in the middle east, and in his heart it was always about God and country first. He is now back home and just finished his first semester of college, and he is about to go to Peru on a missionary trip to help the poor, during his break. I am so grateful to God that my son is alive and home after his deployment. Julian has reached another chapter in his life to serving others in another capacity.

Here are some pics of him from the Navy and a recent one at his College formal.  At first, I was really disappointed that he did not go straight to college since he graduated Magna Cum Laude, and could have gotten a full ride anywhere.


I was really worried at first with him joining the Navy, but now looking back I truly believe that he made the right decision to enlist, because it allowed him to grow up and be responsible for himself and for others.  I could not have asked for a more awesome son.

Julian works really hard at everything he does and hopefully, he's gonna be a doctor someday.  He made a 3.8 for his first semester in college."

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