The Open House – The Industry RV Show that is Technically Not an RV Show

Elkhart Open House - 2Technically, this is not an RV show. To be a show, you need an organizer or someone in charge or responsible for the show. Nope… this is not a show.

The whole thing started a few years back when Forest River decided that it would hold an open house at its facility and fly in RV dealers from across the country to unveil it’s newest products for the upcoming year and… (this is important), give the dealers an early opportunity to place orders for the upcoming new year and season.

Well, this idea worked so well that the following year, Thor industries decided to do the same thing but since their factories were located in various areas, they took over a large plot of land near the RVMH Hall Of Fame Museum and set up their own Open House display.

You guessed it, the whole concept of the Open House was a huge success and now virtually every RV manufacturer has staked out a plot of Elkhart farmland and set up their own Open House exhibits. This year the Open House stretched from the RVMH Museum for about a mile or so all the way to the Forest River facility.

The atmosphere is unique.. it’s like taking a giant RV show combined with a state fair and throwing in food ranging from prime rib and lobsters, to corn dogs and giant pretzels. OhMichelle Reviews Barefootand lets not forget some top name entertainment and open bars. Got the picture? And by the way, ‘yes’ business does get done here…. Lot’s of it.

Because there is so much to see at this event, we decided to stretch it out over a few shows to show you as much as we can of “What’s Hot For 2019".

This week we caught Michelle Fontaine, checking out a cute ‘little’ trailer that came all the way from the UK called the ‘BareFoot’. And as you’ll see, this pint-sized beauty was full of surprises.

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