The Truma AquaGo Winner Shoot

Bruce Smith, of Tucson, AZ won the AquaGo system for his Grand Design Reflection Fifth Wheel RV!

As the web and social media director for Rollin' on TV, I don't often get the chance to come out from behind my computer screen and interact in 'real' life, so it was a real treat when Truma announced the winner of its AquaGo hot water system!

Since we are based in Prescott Valley, AZ, it was the perfect opportunity to experience a real 'shoot' with ROTV team members and meet the winner of the contest we had set up for Truma. I interact with Jeff Johnston, Associate Producer for ROTV, almost on a daily basis but in the virtual world. Finally we'd get some time in the physical world!

So, in mid-December, we headed to Phoenix where we met up with Jeff and his production assistant Marv Leake. During breakfast at the hotel the next morning, we got the chance to chat and discuss some technical aspects of how the shoot would work. My focus was capturing photos and video which would be immediately tweeted and posted on Facebook during the shoot. Laurie, my associate, would be capturing 'real' photographs covering the overview of the shoot, installation of the system and the presentation shots. In addition to talking about the Truma shoot, Jeff and I got to strategize about his new ROTV activity, the Rollin' on Live Facebook segments, where he answers RV related questions in real-time.

La Mesa RV Center where the Truma AquaGo was installed on the winning RVRight after a quick, hearty breakfast, the four of us headed to the La Mesa RV Dealership in Tucson, AZ where the installation would happen.

Michelle of FBSmarty captures social media coverage during the Truma contest installationWe were greeted by the friendly dealership technician, Scott Thwaits and the Truma representative, Billy DiDonato, who would do the actual installation.

Jeff and Marv quickly get into focusing on the particulars of what would be shot and when. Laurie and I shot the shoot! We got some Facebook Live video, regular video and put out social media coverage.

We also got to know the winner, Bruce. Bruce is retired and looks forward to his wife retiring soon so they can make much more use of their Grand Design Reflection RV. He shared some of their experiences and favorite destinations and how they were so happy to win the contest! He couldn't wait to take their 'rig' out and experience the never-ending hot water system!

By early afternoon my feet were clearly remembering the days of attending and organizing trade shows!  But, we were all happy with the footage captured. We said our goodbyes to all! Jeff headed off to photograph some of the beautiful cacti in Tucson and Laurie and I headed off to explore another part of Arizona, recommended by Bruce.... Bisbee, AZ!!

Watch for this Rollin' on TV segment scheduled to air the week of February 4th!

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