Two Forest River No Boundary RV Reviews

Two No Boundary RV Reviews

No Boundaries with industry leading ground-clearance, larger diameter tires, and nimble suspension system, allows you to explore and set up camp in places that would otherwise be inaccessible. Lengths range from 12’ up to 25’ and are attractively equipped with both familiar standard equipment as well as fresh features for a truly unforgettable adventure.

Jeff reviews two No Bo trailers from Forest River with very different characteristics. The rainy Oregon weekend provided its own challenges, but that didn't slow down these two off-roads beauties! The design is modern and different than your typical RV. It beckons the user to go off-roading, get off the grid!

The 10.5 is the smallest one in the No Boundaries line. It's like a teardrop on steroids. Perfect for campers who enjoy cooking and hanging out outside. The 10.5 is more like camping in a tent except you have a nice dry bed off the ground and inside.

The 19.5 is a more conventional RV with complete self-containment facilities such as a kitchen, bathroom and a queen-sized bed. There are good reasons to buy one or the other.

Jeff also shows us the awning called a batwing which spreads open, well, like a bat's wings!

Both the 10.5, weighing in at under 2000 lbs., and the 19.5, weighing in under 5000 lbs. exceptionally light weight, versatile travel trailers that are towable by both 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder tow vehicles.  Both trailers pull with grace and confidence and both trailers fit nicely in most campsites.

The No Boundaries line is Perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. And No Boundaries offers adaptable storage for kayaks, bikes, SUP’s, surfboards, skis, and fishing equipment.

Learn more about No Boundaries from Forest River here.

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