Planning Our Next Cross-Country RV Trip

Leaves are beginning to show twinges of color on this late August day in Douglas, MA. That means soon we'll be on the road again! We leave here mid October for our bi-annual cross-country RV trip, back to our home in Prescott Valley, AZ.

This trip will be very different because we now have THREE Boston Terriers. Our two new additions are Angel and Abby and you'll learn more about these cuties over time. If you recall our Lance 1575 is only 16' and we don't want to go bigger, so that will produce a few challenges 😉

Every trip we try to see different things, go different routes, try different things. Many of our stories from previous trips can be viewed here.

We're planning on a month this time to make the trek so we want to stretch our budget and try new things. So what will our strategy be?

  • We want to connect with friends - friends, old and new... first we'll meet up for a quick lunch with Pat and Jim in North Carolina, then on to South Carolina where we meet up with our newest writer for Rollin' On TV, Jean Jones of In Texas we connect with a dear cousin and her husband, Darlene and John, and perhaps our friends Pam and Max (we bought out Lance 1575 from their dealership, Happy Camping RV Sales in New York and have become good friends - they almost full time now and might be in that part of the country about that time!).. so we've got the connect with friends part firming up... and we KNOW there will be NEW friends too!
  • On our second night we plan to camp with the wild horses at Assateague State Park and hope to see some of these beauties (photo by Neil Westervelt).

  • While in Myrtle Beach for 3 nights, we'll be staying at a wonderful RV resort called Lakewood Camping Resort and plan to produce a story about the resort AND about Camping Connections which is a company who will come to you at your RV, anywhere in the Orlando, Florida and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area.
  • Dry camping. The last two trips we've mostly stayed at full hook-up campgrounds, often KOA's. We were newbies and that just felt easier. This time we'll get gas at truck stops that have dumping stations. We're more confident and want to be more adventurous this time and by doing it this way the budget will last longer allowing us to stay out a whole month! Probably every few days we will do a full hook-up spot to fill up with water and live luxuriously 😉
  • This time we will explore Harvest Hosts. Laurie and I have 8 of these wonderfully secret spots on our calendar and plan to produce some content for Rollin' On TV. You see, staying at a Harvest Hosts spot is free. Once you pay for a yearly membership of $49 to Harvest Hosts, you get to access to their member directory. The spots can be wineries, museums, breweries, ranches.. there is even an alpaca ranch...all kinds of places. They agree to provide a few spots for RVs who call ahead to make their reservation. It's usually dry camping and you are expected to perhaps indulge in some of their wine or take a tour or shop in their store.... no problem! As of now we have selected;
    • A winery in PA
    • A dude ranch in FL
    • A winery in FL
    • A Gator Ranch in MS - looking forward to some overland swamp rides and 'bayou' history.
    • A Living History Museum in LA - more history of the area.
    • A winery in TX that produces award winning Cabernet Sauvignon and Reisling, our favorites!
    • An airport museum near San Antonio Texas with antique aircraft
    • An Alpaca ranch in Texas

As we have on our first two cross-country trips, we'll be taking you along with us! We often do Facebook Lives on our Two Gals and a Dog Facebook page. So, if you'd like to watch our antics, challenges and whatever else we come up with on this honest-to-goodness 'this is us' trip, Like our Page!

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