Two Gals and a Dog Enjoy a Dura-Mat from Carefree of Colorado

On our recent camping trip to Walker Island Family Campground, we used our Carefree of Colorado Dura-Mat for the first time. We had ordered the 8ft by 20ft blue one so that we could put Rue on it with her doggie playpen as well as have plenty of room to walk out of our small travel trailer and have a couple of chairs to sit on as well. Works perfectly!

The material is very flexible and light-weight but durable. Easy to fold up into its own case which is important to us. When you have limited storage space you want to be clean and orderly! This fits the bill!

It's also not absorbent so you can easily run a hose over it to clean it, sweep it off, etc. It's also hemmed all around with grommet holes on the corners to anchor it down if necessary.

We love the feeling of expanding our space. Once the awning is out and our Dura-Mat is on the ground, we've effectively doubled our living space and can be comfortably barefoot if we like!

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