Two Gals and a Dog are Introduced

If you’re a regular visitor to our website then you’re probably familiar with Two Gals And A Dog or, in the real life world, we’re talking about Michelle Fontaine, Laurie Church and Rue, their Boston Terrier.

So you know what we’re talking about, Michelle, who is our social media and marketing director, and her partner Laurie, decided that they wanted to get into Rving.  About 6 months ago they bought a new Lance 1575 model travel trailer. As most of you know, when you start RVing, there’s a lot to learn. Some of those lessons come easy, others, well not so easy. Add to the fact that you’re now talking about two women learning all about RVing for the first time….. well we thought it would be interesting to share with our viewers the trials and tribulations of two new female RVers so you’ll know what to expect when you join the RV lifestyle.

Anyway, we had Michelle and Laurie join us at this years RV Industry Show and give us their insight and perspective of what caught their eye. Of course, one of the first places they hit was the Lance Camper area. This week, meet Michelle and Laurie and be sure to watch for them on upcoming episodes of our show along with Rue of course. You can keep up with the gals on our website or visit their Facebook page at:

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