The Big Texan Steak Ranch – Amarillo, TX

One of our elderly friends, in his early 90's, said to us... "When you go through Texas, just over that border somewhere, is a famous steak place, you have to stop there!" Well, Leroy, we did! It's called the World Famous Big Texan Steak Ranch! And it is so special that you and my folks enjoyed this when you were RVing decades ago!

The 'world famous' part is that they offer a free 72 ounce steak to anyone who can eat it, along with all the fixings, within one hour. Do you have any idea how big a 72 oz steak is? According to our waitress, 5 or 6 people on a busy night will take that challenge and usually, only one will win. The challengers get to sit at the raised table and they can be viewed from anywhere with the live stream which can be viewed here.

Check out the 72oz Steak Rules - Meal consists of: Shrimp Cocktail, Baked Potato, Salad, with Roll, Butter, and of course the 72 oz. Steak
  1. Entire meal must be completed in one hour. If any of the meal is not consumed (swallowed)…YOU LOSE!
  2. Before the time starts, you will be allowed to cut into the steak, and take one bite. If the steak tastes good and is cooked to your satisfaction, we will start the time upon your acceptable approval. The time will not stop, and the contest is on, so make SURE before you say “yes.”
  3. Once you have started you are not allowed to stand up, leave your table, or have anyone else TOUCH the meal.
  4. You will be disqualified if anyone assists you in cutting, preparing or eating of your meal. This is YOUR contest.
  5. You don’t have to eat the fat, but we will judge this.
  6. Should you become ill, the contest is over… YOU LOSE! (Please use the container provided as necessary.)
  7. You are required to pay the full amount up front; if you win we will refund 100%.
  8. You must sit at a table that we assign.
  9. If you do not win the steak challenge, you are welcome to take the leftovers with you.
  10. No consumption or sharing of the leftovers is allowed in the restaurant once the contest is over.
  11. If you fail to complete the challenge, you must pay the full $72 dollars.

Laurie opted for a much more reasonable 12 oz rib eye and enjoyed every bit... there were just a few scraps that came back to our RV home for Rue.

This is more than a restaurant. As you enter there is a gift store to the left, a brewery further down and on the right is a sugar-laden collection of delicious gelato ice cream and fudge made right there on the premises. The brewery has quite a story too. All brews are made on-site.

Another asset of The Big Texan is the Amarillo RV Ranch located just off Rt 40 east of Amarillo. This will be our next RV destination when we come back for sure! In addition to expected amenities like a dog park, they offer an adults only jacuzzi and sauna and heated inside pool! Rates are reasonable at $39 nightly with discounts offered for Good Sam, AAA, TACO and Military! And there is a free shuttle over to The Big Texan Steak Ranch.

They have other properties and entertainment options too. Be sure to check out their website!

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