We visit Carefree of Colorado

As the saying goes, “You’re not camping until the awning comes out’, which we know is really true. Just ask any RVer. There’s something about being under that awning that adds a lot of comfort to the RVing experience and Carefree Of Colorado takes that very fact very seriously. The company has over 30-patents related to RV awnings and that is one of the reasons they are the industry leader in RV awning innovation.

Rv awning from Carefree of ColoradoAnother reason that Carefree is in the forefront of this industry is that awnings and awning accessories are their only business and not just a department of some large corporation. That impressed us.

We got the opportunity to get an inside look at what goes into making Carefree awnings. There’s a lot more to making an awning than I thought. First off, it begins with the material or fabric. There are various types of vinyl and acrylics in various weights. Then there are the various colors and patterns available to customers. Then there are options for LED lights and the list goes on and on. Then there are the various models you can select from with each one filling a specific need.

We were impressed with the operations involved in making an awning, some of which we couldn’t show because… remember those patents the company holds? Well some involve special machines and operations that competitors are still trying to figure out.

So we’ll let it go at that. But what we do show you will give you a good idea of what goes into building Carefree awnings.

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