Washington Tri-Cities; Kennewick, Pasco and Richland

Jeff Johnston: There's literally no end to the fun places you can find to explore while you RV around this country of ours. Today's quick stop is Washington's Tri Cities, Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland.

This area abounds in outdoor activities, history, and interesting things to see and do.

For example, there's this big guy, the lighthouse on the river. The lighthouse is fairly new, built in 2010 as part of the Clover Island redevelopment, and a functional lighthouse to aid in marine navigation. It's a good place to start your Tri Cities exploration.

The convention and visitor bureau is, of course, the best place to gather information on local attractions.

Michael Novakovich: The Tri Cities is a wonderful place for RVers to come and visit, particularly if you're into outdoor adventures. We're sitting at the confluence of the Snake and Columbia rivers. The Yakima river comes into the Columbia here, so our waterways are rich.

We have 23 miles worth of paved trail that goes around our community along the Columbia river, it's called the Sacagawea Heritage Trail. Whether you're a runner, a walker, you like to ride bicycles, it's perfect. Great banks for fishing.

If you want to get out in the river, you can rent paddleboards here and kayaks, a good opportunity there, jetskis as well.

We even have a river boat. You can get out on Water 2 Wine cruises and enjoy a great meal and enjoy some wine.

We have a number of different RV spaces, KOAs for instance. We have state parks down along the Snake river.

There's multiple places to park down there, camp, and fire up a grill and enjoy it.

And then here within the Tri Cities proper, we have some campgrounds with great amenities, everything from swimming, to general stores, to playgrounds, to nicely landscaped areas. So, I think there's probably a little bit of something in there for everyone to enjoy from the RV lens.

Jeff: All around this part of the country, you see boulders like this strewn all over the landscape looking like they don't belong there. They're just sticking up out of the middle of nowhere. In fact, they're visitors.

Back when the last glaciers covered this area and the last floods were shaping the basins up here, these guys came down with the glacier or the floods, hung around a little while. The glaciers went away, the floods disappeared, and these were deposited, and they're called erratics. This one, for example, is made out of granite, which is definitely not one of the local stones. He's probably came from, oh, somewhere up in Montana, I suppose.

This is just one of the interesting features that you can learn about here at the Reach Museum in Kennewick, Washington. Natural history, Native American, and industrial history are all specialties here at the Reach Museum.

The Reach Museum has been open five years now.  It really tells the stories of the Mid-Columbia Basin. And all the stories that we tell here are tied together by the Columbia river itself.

Hanford history is a big part of the story of the Tri Cities area starting with World War II, but going all the way up through the present as we talk about the Cold War and also the cleanup efforts at Hanford since the Cold War has ended.

And then just the story of the Hanford Reach, the longest stretch of the Columbia river that's undammed, stretching from McNary Dam to Priest Rapids Dam, nearly 60 river miles. And the efforts that have been--that have gone on to help preserve that as a national monument.

While traveling by on the road on the way to the museum, we couldn't help but notice this place, Kimo's Restaurant and Sports Bar, which is also the home of Rattlesnake Mountain Brewing.

The hickory smoke porter is one of a handful they have on draught at any given time. Mmm, for fans of dark beer, this one will hit the spot.

So, if you're in the Tri Cities area and you're down by the Reach Museum and you got a bit of a thirst or you're hungry for something to eat, stop in Kimo's Restaurant and Sports Bar and Rattlesnake Mountain Brewing. Good stuff.

Jeff: When you're ready to hunker down, there are top notch campgrounds in the area, including Columbia Sun RV Resort.

Dave Schlotfeldt: Welcome to Columbia Sun RV Resort. We're 145 sites on 25 acres. We have full hookups. We have 20, 30, and 50 amp at each site, water, sewer. Seventy-five sites are pull-through. We have large sites, very easy access for any rig, both large and small.

We have an outdoor pool and spa, heated. We've got an event center, adult fitness, and kids playroom. We also have an outdoor sports court and kids playground equipment. On the holidays like Memorial Day and Fourth of July and Labor Day, we do barbecues for all of our guests. Columbia Sun has something for every RVer here in the Tri Cities, both large and small.

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