Welcome our newest Rollin’ On TV Member, Kate Dunbar – The Campground Gourmet!  

Food/beverage - Welcome our newest ROTV member!

Kate Dunbar - The Campground Gourmet

A while back we did a survey with our viewers and Facebook Group members and asked them to list what they enjoy doing the most when camping with their RVs.

Two of the top responses were, relaxing by the campfire and outdoor cooking. Think about it, even at home, when good weather arrives most people can’t wait to light up the grill and cook outside. Of course grilling or cooking outside, specially at a campsite does pose a few challenges but once you know how to handle them.. the sky’s the limit as to gourmet dishes you can prepare.

Starting on season #3 (which begins the end of June) we’ll be bringing you a new weekly outdoor cooking segment with Kate Dunbar, also known as The Campground Gourmet. I’m sure many of you have seen her recipes and work in various magazines and online. We’re delighted to have her as part of our Rollin’ On TV family. I’m sure she will win your hearts and stomach with her warm personality, since of humor and mouth watering outdoor recipes.

In the meantime while you wait for Kate’s segments you can learn more about her on her Campground Gourmet website or by visiting our media partner, Girl Camper.  at www.girlcamper.com You can also check out her new cookbook, “The Campground Gourmet’ on Amazon.