Winegard ConnecT 2.0 Installation for Better RV Wi-Fi and Cellular Reception

Michelle Fontaine: Laurie and I are here at Major's RV in Bourne, Massachusetts to have our Winegard ConnecT 2 installed on our Lance trailer.

Major's RV was started in 1974 by David's father 45 years ago. The unique thing about Major's RV is they don't sell RVs. They specialize in service, and they do it quickly and correctly. And they were also highly recommended by Winegard.

Now it's time to get our product installed. We're not great do it yourselfers yet. We're getting there, we're trying, but this particular installation involves a roof and holes.

David Majors: And holes on the roof, yep. So, we're going to be doing the installation today for Michelle. We're going to be mounting up on the roof, so we're going to have holes through.

We're going to show you how to get that sealed properly. It is all low voltage, 12 volt, so it's nice and safe. We're going to get it properly installed and mounted for you so we're going to have a great time camping.

We download the Winegard Connect app, either for your iPhone or for your Samsung device.

David proceeds to give Michelle, and us, a step by step direction of how the app works with the Winegard. Watch the show!

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