Category: 2022-02

RV Destination – North House Folk School | Backup Cam Install | Pets Choking on RVing Today 2022-02

This week, we join Jeff Johnston as he heads to Minnesota for a different kind of RV destination, where you get hands-on experience in numerous old-world trades at the North House Folk School.

Then, how many of you still have trouble backing up your trailer? You’re not alone. Michelle Fontaine shows us how she solved the problem with the installation of a backup camera. And the nice thing, the camera system was under $300.

On Paws on Board, Dr. Fitz explains all about the delectable and unusual things dogs seem to want to eat from time to time, especially when they’re out in the wilderness. And what do to if your dog does start choking.

Later, we’re all familiar with vintage RV’s, cars, and so on, but what about vintage drinks? Jeff Johnston learns all about a vintage beverage that’s been around for years that you can still enjoy now. Then Evanne Schmarder shows us how to make one of those delicious vintage drinks.

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