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This week’s show kicks off a new year and a new season of Rollin’ On TV.

On this week’s program, we start off by taking another look at RV awnings and accessories at the RV Industry tradeshow. Jeff Johnston talks with Kevin Jastrem from Carefree Of Colorado and learns about some interesting improvements and upgrades to the companies existing product line. Of course we also get a look at some new awnings just hitting the market.

With spring around the corner, this show also covers what’s involved and what you should know if you plan on renting an RV this year.

There are numerous RV rental companies around the country, but, like renting a car, if you don’t know what to look for or what to ask before you rent, you could be in for a surprise. Sherry Fuller, of Fuller RV Sales and Rentals, show us what we should know to ensure a great RV experience.

Later, Jeff Johnston demonstrates a most unique camping tool that will make starting and maintaining your campfire safer and easier. And, we have some new information about this tool that will make a lot of viewers happy.

These stories and more on this week’s episode on Rollin’ On TV.

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