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Unique Vans at 50th National Truck-In show | Healthy Indian Dish in RV Kitchen | On the Road Safety Checks | When Dogs Ingest Poison

On this week’s show, Jeff Johnston visits the 50th National Truck-In, in Sterling, Colorado. He shows us some of the unique vans and RVS he found at the event. | Then, we check back with Evanne Schmarder in her RV kitchen, as she shows us some nice space-saving cookware and prepares a unique, healthy Indian dish made with yellow peas. | Later, Jeff Johnston explains the on-the-road safety checks he performs when out traveling the country. | Everyone knows that dogs just love to chew, and try eating most anything, and that could be dangerous. This week, on a ‘Paws on Board,’ Dr. Fitz explains what you should do if your dog ingests anything poisonous. These stories, plus our big Go Power! Kick-Off Spring Contest, on this week’s “RVing Today” TV.

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