SHOW 2024-14


Some years ago, we paid a visit to Flyte Camp, a company in Bend, Oregon, that specializes in repair and restorations of vintage trailers.  We caught up with Justin Scribner at the Rally on the River, in Brownsville, Oregon.

We catch up with Jeff Johnston as he heads to Nevada City, California and visits the Inn Town Campground. Located in Downtown Nevada City, Northern California, with 70 different campsites onsite, on 15 acres. MORE

While camping, Jeff whips up his famous bean sausage and potato dish. This wouldn’t be complete without his famious¬† campfire beer-batter bread.

Mark Polk: Today,
we’re gonna discuss one of the most important
and possibly the most neglected components on your RV: your RV tires.
The tires and the air that’s in the tires are what supports the entire
load when you’re traveling.