With millions of people participating in RVing and camping,  more than 70% bring a pet on their RV excursions with dogs dominating at 93% of that figure.  There are many things pet owners should consider and incorporate into their camping lifestyle to keep that furry family member safe and happy.

Dr. Fitz earned her Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine degree from Michigan State University and is currently a small animal veterinarian in mid- Michigan. Dr. Fitz is also an outdoor enthusiast who loves camping and hiking with her husband. 

In 2020, Dr. Fitz started FitzVet, a company dedicated to owner education and companion animal health. Besides educating and advising us about the care of our pets, specifically as we travel with them, Dr Fitz will also be looking at various pet products on the market for traveling pets and even checking out some pet-friendly RVs. Do you have ideas or questions for Dr. Fitz?  Marissa can be reached directly at

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