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rving with pets - paws on board

Meet the Pet Friendly 2024 Alliance Valor Toy Hauler - Who Needs Toys?

Welcome to “RVing Today’s” “Paws on Board,” I’m Dr. Fitz. This is Joe Mehl here with Alliance RV. He’s going to show us some of the pet friendly features on this Valor toy hauler. Joe Mehl: All right, everybody, join me on this tour.  Welcome to the Valor 44V14. This is a brand-new floor plan. You can check it out at a dealer near you.

So we’re talking about pets, right? So there’s a lot of different kind of pets that go RVing. In the Alliance family I know there’s cats, there’s dogs. We have a lizard, Bearded Dragon. And a toy hauler is the perfect solution for pets. There’s a couple of reasons why. First off, if you notice the floors, these were designed for ATVs and dirt bikes. So it’s going to be tough. So and you know dogs and cats are rough on the floor. So no worries back here. It’s easy grip too. Totally safe for dogs, even older dogs if they have to struggle to get around on the grip. Dr. Fitz: Exactly, yes. Perfect.

Joe: Also, we have–and this is a unique feature to Alliance, is we do a 100% direct dump AC, meaning that they’re going to get 100% efficiencies right into the garage. Dr. Fitz: Just kind of keep it nice and cool in here. Instead of putting ductwork in and venting it to a couple  different places in the RV and losing some efficiency in the attic space, you’re going to get 100% of that cooled air right here for your pets.

Joe: The last feature I want to talk about is toy haulers are often mis-categorized as you have to have a toy. You don’t need to have a toy. This could become your master bedroom ’cause there is a bathroom right over there.

We have seen where people have taken this couch. So this is called the Happyjac bed system. And you can actually remove these if you want. There’s a queen-sized bed mattress on top. And this can lower down, and then people have their dogs sleep underneath them, or other pets. Dr. Fitz: Oh, perfect, so just removing the couch gives you that space to be able to do that. That’s awesome. That’s perfect. So you can kind of just transform the whole space into living use basically.

Joe: Another added benefit of these floors, you spill water. Guess what? Just not going to worry about it because underneath this floor is a polymer material that can’t rot, mold, or mildew. Or if your pet has accidents, you’re all good. Just wipe it up with a towel.

Well, let’s check out the rest of the units, see what we got. Joe: Yeah, let’s go on. Welcome to the living space of the Valor 44V14. So you guys are getting one of the most exclusive looks in the industry right now. People are really excited about this floor plan. So continuing our conversation about pet-friendly features. Some of the things that we have done specifically at Alliance, and you’re going to find this on every floor plan, is we are carpet-free throughout. So you’re not going to find a speck of carpet in here, and that way you don’t collect your dander or your dust or dirt, the allergens that come with pets. Additionally, we are flush floors. So you don’t have to worry about any dogs tripping over anything if you had small dogs or cats or even lizards. They can navigate the whole unit.

Joe: We talked about cool air out in the garage. Well, if you don’t want to put your pets in the garage, you want to keep them in the living quarters, we have another AC. So that’s AC number two that also 100% direct dumps all of its cool air into this space. Dr. Fitz: Cool, so it’s more efficient keeping this cool. Joe: Yep, so we know that, especially during the hot warm months, keeping people and pets cool is important.

Dr. Fitz: So that’s awesome. And you have another one further up in the RV, correct? Joe: Yep, so on the upstairs there is a king-sized bed with a full-sized bathroom. It’s the, you know, primary bathroom area and primary bedroom as well. And there’s a king bed up there and there’s also a third AC. So if your dog sleep in your bed with you or your cat sleep in your bed with you, keeping cool.

And then on the floors with the venting there is another feature. So our–the one of the most important features in our industry refer to vents, the floor vents, as chrome collectors and– or if it’s pets case, hair collectors and dander collectors. So we got rid of all floor vents and we made it so that they actually vent through the cabinetry. Joe: So you’re going to get your heat through the cabinets and then your cool air up there. Dr. Fitz: Perfect, so you’re not collecting all that hair and making it difficult to clean and everything.

So I think there’s one more feature we got to check out outside, all right, let’s do it. All right, we’re back to where we started. So right here is our patio system, and we actually have this nice little gate here that we can keep closed, latch it up. So now we gave the dogs a great little outdoor area. So if it’s rainy or muddy or, you know, your dogs, you don’t want them to go out yet, give them this space right here. We got this nice awning right here. Keep giving them shade during sunny days. So, a perfectly-contained safe spot for your pets. It’s a nice, perfect way to hang out outside but if you don’t want to get muddy and it’s all good.  That’s awesome. Joe: Yep, or bug your neighbors. Dr. Fitz: Right, exactly. Got to keep the pets contained.

Well, thanks, Joe. Thanks for showing us the Valor. And thanks for watching “RVing Today’s” “Paws on Board”