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Pet Friendly Options on the Wolf Pack Toy Hauler

Welcome to “RVing Today’s” “Paws on Board.” I’m Dr. Fitz, and this is Sammy. Also returning to our show today is Joe Mehl from Forest River. He’s joining us to talk about the great pet-friendly features on this Wolf Pack Toy Hauler behind us. Joe, welcome back to “Paws on Board.”

So this Wolf Pack is a fantastic unit if you have a pet, and that can be a senior dog, a middle-aged dog, or a young pup like this guy. To start, you can see on the back there, there are actually two exterior leashes– leash latches, so you could easily take this right here and just loop it through, and then bam, you’re good to go. And your pet will be safe and attached to the unit. I don’t think they can pull the unit.

Also, we got this huge patio system back here that you could easily put a patio ramp from any big box store, and it would– you would be able to let the dog go up and down if they prefer not to use the entry steps. So, talking about the entry steps, if you do have a dog that’s not afraid of the entry steps, they are very wide, so you can easily go right up into the unit.

Dr. Fitz: Now, we’ve talked about that before, that when you have a dog like your other dog that’s maybe a little older, the wide entry steps are really nice to help them get up and down pretty easily.

Joe: Now, as we move into some of the features on the interior, you know, there’s some great things. So, you got laminated floor throughout the whole thing on the interior. And then in the garage, which is one of the best features about a toy hauler with a pet, is there’s actually the tough diamond plate floor. So, that stuff is meant to have ATVs and toy– and dirt bikes and Razors and all that fun stuff, so I think they could handle a dog.

Joe: But you know, dogs get dirty just like the toys, and so there’s actually a hookup in there that you could put a spray port on, and it will– you can wash all the dirt out. One of the features that I really like when I go camping with a toy hauler is there’s actually a drop-down screen. And that screen will– so if it’s a warm– in the warmer months when all the mosquitos are out and the bugs and you really don’t want them in your toy– in your unit with you, you can drop that screen down. But you want your dog to be able to experience outdoors still ’cause they like to sit and just be outside, listening to the sounds. So, you can drop this screen down, and we’ll show you a little bit later, and you can actually unzip just a part of it, however big your dog is, and then they can go in and out as they please, and it will really minimize the bugs that can get in and everything like that.

So, there’s actually a spray port station or a shower station with a little shower handle. And if your dog is real dirty you can go ahead and just use that and wash him right off. Yeah, so that’s some of the top features that you can get with this Wolf Pack and many RVs that are on the market today.

Dr. Fitz: Well, thanks, Joe, for coming from Forest River to show us the Wolf Pack Toy Hauler.

Tune in next time for more pet health information. I’m Dr. Fitz, this is Sammy, and this is Joe. Thanks for watching “Paws on Board.”