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Women in the RV Industry – Amber Selking – on Show Segment 2021-14

You know, it’s interesting, the RV industry, historically, hasn’t always cared about people and culture and, you know, how do we innovate, how do we transform the industry. Those aren’t the questions that were on the minds and hearts of most of the leaders, right? It was very much a numbers-driven, production-driven, get it in, get it out, turn and burn people if you have to, if we’re getting units out the door, that’s all that matters.

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Women in the RV Industry – Susan Carpenter – on Show Segment 2021-13

It’s amazing the amount of talent and amount of different types of jobs that are available for every facet of any talent out there for women. So as you’re making memories in your RV, I want you to stop and think about other women that contributed to the memories you’re making today. Everyone from the woman CEO to the woman line worker all had a part in it. And I’m incredibly proud to be a part of an industry where we can make this happen.

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