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Review of the Ford 150 Hybrid for Towing | Paws on Board and the Wolf Pack | RV Safety and More on RVing Today 2022-01

Welcome to “RVing Today.” Wondering about buying a hybrid pickup for a tow vehicle? On our first story, we joinJeff Johnston as he reviews the exciting newFord F-150 hybrid along with the new Surveyor Legend travel trailer. Later, Dr. Fitz is joined by Joe Mehl from Forest River and explains why, if you’re looking for a pet-friendly RV, you may want to consider a toy hauler, and shows us the new Wolf PackSurveyor model. Now, all RVs are or should be equipped with safety features.But do you really understand how they work and how to maintain them? Mark Polk from RV Education 101 explains all about these various systems and components.

Just about all RVers know what brake control systems do, but do you know how to properly set them up and use them? In this week’s Straight Talk segment, Jeff Johnston explains to Michelle all about brake control systems.

Everyone knows to look out for poison ivy and poison oak, but does your dog? I don’t think so. That’s up to you. Dr. Fitz explains what to do if your dog, or any pet, for that matter, comes in contact with either of these two plants.

Later, with winter almost officially here, it’s time to start getting your RV ready for storage. But, in today’s world, you should also consider sanitizing it. Mark and Dawn Polk from “RV Education 101” shows us how to properly clean and sanitize your RV.