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RV Destination – Austin TX| Sewer Hose Storage | Snake Bites on RVing Today 2022-03

If you’re looking for an interesting destination to visit this year, how about the Lone Star State? This week Jeff Johnston visits Austin, Texas and the surrounding area and checks out a little history along with things to see and do. Virtually, everyone knows that storing your sewer hose and accessories in one of your storage compartments can be, shall we say, a little less than a desirable place to keep them. This week Jeff helps Michelle solve that problem with a simple install of a nice undercarriage storage tube unit. Then something pet owners should consider when walking or hiking with their pets, snakes. This week on “Paws On Board,” Dr. Fitz explains what you should know and be aware of when walking your pets in known snake areas and most importantly what steps you should take if your pet does get bit.