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Jeff Goes Jeepers | Solar System Installation | Mediterranean Chicken and more on Show 2022-24

We start off this week with Jeff Johnstonas and an example of how RVs are so instrumental in allowing folks to enjoy their hobbies and pastimes.Today, Jeff catches up with the Jolly Jeepers group at their Tillamook, Oregon, rally.Then, even if you currently have solar power on your trailer or motor home, eventually, you’ll want or need more power. This is what happened to Michelle Fontaine.She started boondocking and working a lot more from her trailer, so with some help from Go Power, we’ll see how she increased her solar power capacity. Later in the show, Jeff Johnston takes us on a quick stop to the Inn Town Campground in Nevada City, California. Of course, what’s camping without preparing some great outdoor meals? Today, we bring backKate Dunbar,”The Campground Gourmet,”to show us this quick, delicious, one-pan recipe for Mediterranean chicken.