Category: 2022-25


RV Showers for DIYrs | Graphics for your RV | Tire Table and more on Show 2022-25

On this week’s show, we visit a company that manufactures over half of those beautiful bathroom showers, and bathtub units you see on today’s Modern RVs. And if you’re upgrading your RV bathroom, you can also buy and install these units yourself. Then we join Mark Polk from RV Education 101 and look back at one of the most practical and coolest outdoor table setups for anyone who enjoys camping. And all you need to set it up is a tire. Also ever wish you could update your RV with new graphics? You can, and we’ll join Jeff Johnston at Graphics Unlimited and see what’s involved in the designing and applying new graphics to your RV. Later, we bring back Kate Dunbar to Campground Gourmet and join her in our airstream kitchen as she prepares a simple but delicious salad dressing to go at her unique roasted vegetable salad.