Category: 2023-02

Sway Control System | Unique AZ Campground | Avocado Pudding | Pets – Skunk Sprayed on Show 2023-02

On this week’s show, Jeff Johnston shows us the advantages and reason you should have a quality brake control system on your trailer. Also, Michelle Fontaine takes us to a unique campground in Arizona that is slightly different then what most RVers are used to. But, like Michelle, you’ll see why many RVers love this campground and look forward to going back. Later, anyone that knows Evanne Schmarder knows she loves traveling, food, and RVing, and has written many articles and books on the subject. She also loves cooking, and this week she prepares a delicious and healthy avocado chocolate pudding in her RV kitchen. Then, on “Paws on Board,” Dr. Fitz explains to us what to do if a skunk sprays your dog.