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Upper Cape Cod Campground | Dutch Oven Cooking | 7 Consumable Items to Carry | Advice on Dogs Eating the Wrong Thing on Show 2023-09

If you live in, or your plans are takin’ you to Massachusetts, Michelle Fontaine shows us a great family campground just over the Bourne Bridge as you enter what’s often referred to as the Upper Cape. Yes, we’re talking Cape Cod. We can’t all be gourmet cooks, but cooking a nice meal outside can be fun. This week, Jeff Johnston shows us his culinary skills as he prepares a bean, sausage, and potato dish in a Dutch oven. And to go along with this meal, how about a beer-batter bread also baked in a Dutch oven? Before packing the RV for your next adventure, check out this list of seven consumable items you should always have in your RV, compiled by our friends and RV experts Mark and Dawn Polk from RV Education 101. Later, on “Paws on Board,” Dr. Fitz takes a few minutes and explains to us steps you should take if your dog ingests anything they shouldn’t have, like a sock or, God forbid, something poisonous. These stories and more on this week’s “RVing Today TV.”