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Electronic Sway Control | High Sierra Destination | Frittata’s Trailer Style on Show 2023-10

On our first story, Jeff Johnston explains just what an electronic trailer sway control system does, then shows us how relatively easy it is to install. Then on our destination segment, Jeff takes us along to the California High Sierras as he visits one of his favorite RV destinations where there’s plenty to see and do, or you can just do nothing, as this is also a great place to relax and chill out. Later, kids love camping and cooking, and this week Britta Nelson is joined by her nieces, and together they prepare a nice frittata and salad lunch in her trailer kitchen. Yes, the skunks are out already. So, this week on “Paws on Board,” we thought we’d look back at a story Dr. Fitz did about what to do if your dog gets skunked. These stories and more on this week’s “RVing Today TV.” Closed and Spanish captioning where available is sponsored by Forest River,