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RV Toy Hauler Review | Route 80 Nebraska Must See Destination and more on RVing Today TV

With toy haulers continually growing in popularity, we check back with Jeff Johnston in a review he did on the Coachmen Freedom Express. Then if you find yourself on Route 80 in Nebraska and looking for a place to stop for a while, Michelle Fontaine recommends the perfect place the whole family will enjoy: the Great Platte River Road Archway. It’s so easy to find and access as it actually spans over Route 80, and it’s definitely well worth a visit. This year looks like another record year for RVers traveling the country with their pets. On this week’s “Paws On Board,” Dr. Fitz explains to us the regional dangers your pet could face in various parts of the country and how you should be prepared. RVing and picnic lunches go hand in hand, and this week Britta Nelson shows us a few slightly different and delicious picnic ideas you may want to prepare for your friends and family on your next outing. These stories and more on this week’s “RVing Today TV.” Closed and Spanish captioning where available is sponsored by Forest River. Follow the river.#forestriver #rvingtoday#rvingtodaytv#rollinontv