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Portable Go Power Solar System | Apple Pear Crisp | Destination Vintages RV Resort on Show 2023-21

Today, more and more RVers are shying away from standard campgrounds and getting off the grid. Some call it boondocking or adventure camping, and there’s a whole new generation of trailers, motorhomes, and special equipment manufacturers filling the needs of this adventurous group.
This week, Jeff Johnston takes us to the Overland Expo Northwest in Oregon, where he checks out what’s new in the world of adventure camping. Then, on Paws on Board, Dr. Fitz explains to us the extra care and things you should consider when taking an older dog along on your RVing and camping adventures. Later, with the winter season quickly coming upon us, Mark and Don Polk from RV Education 101 show us some of the things you should do, aside from just winterizing your RV before you tuck it away for the winter. Come spring, you’ll be glad you took these extra steps. These stories and more coming up on this week’s “RVing Today TV.”