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A Camper Van with Back Slide-out Bedroom

This caught our eye as an interesting way to stretch that small space. The Westfalia name is likely best known among American motorhome fans for the company's camper conversions of Volkswagen Transporter vans. The firm is still in business after all of these years and now shows off the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based 2019 James Cook model.…
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Class B Motorhomes are ‘Hot’

It seems that for the past few years, and especially since the latter part of 2015, more and more people are focusing in on smaller RVs. We’ve done a few stories on the growing popularity of smaller camping and travel trailers and featured some on the show. But, the smaller trend is not limited to…
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Rollin’ On Live February Broadcast Featured Three RV and Campground Experts

On Thursday, February 1st, our Rollin' On Live Special Episode hosted by Jeff Johnston, featured guest appearances by Rick Kessler, Managing Editor of RVBusiness Magazine and Woodall's Campground Management Magazine. Also featured was Bob Zagami, Executive Director of New England RV Dealer's Association and Principal Consultant at RV Insights.

RVBusiness Magazine keeps its fingers on the pulse of the RV Industry and brings top stories to you every day through Rick can be found at most RV events finding those important stories to share with you. An RVer himself, Rick Kessler is the managing editor for RVBusiness and Woodall's Campground Management, two trade magazines covering the RV and campground industries.

Bob Zagami, an active RVer for 40 years, is closely tied to the New England States and is very familiar with challenges RVers face ranging from finding suitable campground space to working with RV dealers. Bob also conducts his 'Introduction to RVs' and 'The RV Lifestyle' seminars at the Boston RV & Camping Expo and other New England RV consumer events. These seminars are always very well attended and enjoyable. RV Pro recently interviewed Bob Zagami about the state of the RV industry in New England and what he sees as the challenges and opportunities for the industry moving forward. You can read that here -  RV Pro Magazine.

Here are some of the questions we tackled!

How important do you think it is to have an electric surge protector on your RV? Rick says when he upgrades his RV and has more electronics, he will certainly have one. Bob agrees. With the sophistication of devices in new RVs, it's a must! If you don't have one, Jeff suggests an alternative.

With the rise of popularity of true vintage RVs, are existing campgrounds seeing them as a problem? Some older RVs are not allowed in campgrounds. Our pros explore both sides of this tricky question.

From what you see from the campground and the consumer site, what is that one thing a campground can do to improve? Bob Zagami provided a very interesting perspective and answer. Listen and see what you think.

When using a state or national park, do you see these parks anywhere close to keeping up to modernization? These parks were not built for today's RV and is still a big issue. Listen for more insights to this question.

What is the importance of campgrounds and RV Dealers working together? In New England, NERVDA is driving developing a synergy between the campground industry and RV Dealer industry which makes a much better experience for the consumer. Rick says it's happening more often now.

Do most of these campgrounds provide their campers with access to a mobile RV service guy? They don't usually provide it upon checking in but they can provide it when necessary. Rick shares a story on this subject. Bob sees it as a great opportunity for campgrounds to hire RV Techs to be on-site.

When campgrounds come up for sale, is there a demand for campground ownership right now? Well, the answer is yes and no. Bob would like to see more real estate people involved as a campground would be a solid investment.

Much more in this episode. Watch and leave your comments on the Facebook feed for us to see!