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Solar Panel Preparation| Paws on Board on Poison Ivy | How to Hitch your Trailer and More on Rollin’ On TV 2021-22

Having an RV equipped with solar is probably one of the most popular options or additions on most RVers’ minds these days. This week, Chris Dougherty from “RV Enthusiast Magazine” explains to us in detail just what you need and need to know to equip your trailer or motor home with solar power. Then, Jeff Johnston takes us back to the Tri-City area of Washington state for a look
at one of his favorite RV destinations. As everyone knows, there’s always the right way and wrong way to do things. Mark Polk from “RV Education 101” shows us the right way to hitch and unhitch your trailer. Did you know that poison ivy and poison oak can affect dogs and pets?
just as much as humans?
This week, on “Paws on Board,”
Dr. Fitz explains
how to take care of your pet
should it come in contact
with either one
of these two plants.