Show 2021-22


This week, Chris from “RV Enthusiast Magazine” explains in detail what you need and to equip your trailer or motor home with solar power. Then, Jeff Johnston takes us back to the Tri-City area of Washington state.  Mark Polk from “RV Education 101” shows us the right way to hitch and unhitch your trailer.  Then, Dr. Fitz explains how to take care of your poison-ivy exposed pet.

With fall here
and winter around the corner, Mark and Dawn
show us some important products you should have
when prepping your RV
for storage.

rv Solar System Components

What Do You Require to Install Solar?

Chris Dougherty: So boondocking with an RV has become very popular these days, and when people go out and they wanna be off the grid, they wanna be able to have the same conveniences that they’re used to when they’re hooked up to regular utilities. And so a renewable energy system for your RV is the best way to go. Now, there are a number of different ways you can do this; some RVs are coming prepped or even coming with some type of solar charging system, but what we’re gonna talk about today is how you’re gonna be able to put this in your RV.

rv education 101

How to Hitch and Unhitch your Trailer

Mark Polk: In this segment, I wanna demonstrate hitching and unhitching the travel trailer to the truck using an Equal-i-zer 4-Point Sway Control Hitch. Keep in mind, every brand of weight-distributing hitch has different steps for hitching and unhitching. It’s important that you follow the hitch manufacturer’s directions for proper hitching and weight distribution for your setup. Let’s hitch the trailer right now.

rv destination

Washingtion - the Tri-Cities

Jeff Johnston: There’s literally no end to the fun places you can find to explore while you RV around this country of ours. Today’s quick stop is Washington’s Tri-Cities: Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland. This area abounds in outdoor activities, history, and interesting things to see and do.

paws on board

Pets and Poison Ivy!

I’m Dr. Fitz, and this is Scooby. Have you ever been exposed to poison ivy? For some people, it can cause debilitating blisters and sores, enough to make you want to avoid anything green for quite a while. Did you know that dogs can also suffer from the effects of the plant? Due to their fur, most dogs have no side effects after coming into contact with poison ivy; however, dogs with allergic skin conditions, short fur, or just short dogs in general, have a higher risk of exposure and a reaction.