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The Full RVing Lifestyle | Rubber RV Seals | Replacing in RV frig | Pet 1st aid kit on RVing Today TV Show 2023-23

This week, Michelle Fontaine catches up with John Quincy Adams and his wife at a nice Harvest Hosts location and learns all about their new full-time RVing lifestyle. Then, Mark Polk from RV Education 101® shows us how relatively easy it is to replace old RV rubber seals and where to get them. RV refrigerators take a beating with all that bouncing around. And eventually, they decide to just quit working. Evanne Schmarder had this happen a while back and we’ll see how she handled the problem. Like kids, being on the road with your pet, things happen. This week on Paws on Board, Dr. Fitz shows us the items you should have in your pet first aid kit so you’re prepared when those things do happen. Also, we’ll give you a look at an upcoming story on a virtually non-destructible RV roof system that comes with a lifetime warranty.

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