SHOW 2023-23


We had an epic journey on the Appalachian Trail and–over the course of 6 1/2 months, we realized in that journey that, we really don’t need a lot, and we really liked adventuring and how about we do this full-time?

Hi, I’m Mark Polk, with “RV Education 101.” If you are a classic car and truck enthusiast like me, you are probably already familiar with Steele Rubber Products. They have been making and supplying auto weatherstripping seals and rubber parts for classic automobiles for 60 years. MORE
Well, the inevitable finally happened. I came home from the grocery store, of course, and was greeted with a strong ammonia smell coming from my fridge. I went outside to look at the back of it, and found a dripping green liquid. Time for a new frig! MORE
In this segment, I’ll be going over some of the items that you should pack with you to make a first aid kit for your pet. This list is not exhaustive, but it will contain items that you would need to help your pet in common situations. MORE