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Meet Newbie Full-Timers John and Paula Adams

Michelle and Laurie met John and Paula Adams at a Harvest Host location in Christiansburg, West Virginia.

When you belong to Harvest Hosts, you access a database for locations where you can dry camp for free. So when we spotted John and Paula’s RV we already had something in common!

While sharing wine and chatting the night before at the Whitebarrel Winery, John and Paula said they’d love to share their story with us!

John and Paula describe themselves as lifelong boaters who are now beginning to explore the land! With true adventuring spirit, John and Paula hiked the Appalachian Trail, all 2,190 miles of it, April 2018. After that experience they realized how little, in the way of material things, they really needed to live and how much they wanted to continue the adventure.

So they retired and, through a friend, found a pristine older RV, a 1999 28 ft Class A Dynamax Isata Touring Sedan. With their new home on wheels, they then sold their home and began their full-time RVing journey! When asked if they were going to continue Full-Timing, their answer was, ‘Absolutely!’

Hear their story and see additional video content on rollinontv.com as they chat about their Harvest Hosts experience.