In this week's show we explore Renting an RV for that next vacation.

With spring virtually around the corner, so to speak, many of you are thinking about when to take that precious vacation time this year. It’s also time to think about what kind of vacation to take. Well, I have a suggestion for you to consider. How about enjoying an RV vacation?

Carefree of Colorado awningAlso on this week’s program, Jeff Johnston stops by the Carefree Of Colorado exhibit at the Recreational Vehicle Industry Trade show in Louisville, Kentucky. He finds out about one of the company's long running RV awnings and what new changes and upgrades the company has made.

One other story on this week’s show is one we brought you a couple of years ago. We still get emails from viewers who see the segment on YouTube about the ‘Fire-Stick”. As we have mentioned before, this has to be the best tool ever designed to help build and maintain a campfire, and do it safely. You won’t find these in a big-box- store.

Next week starts our 6-week scheduled TV re-run period. But we’re not laying back and taking it easy. Besides the next series of shows, we’re working on some interesting stories and interviews not covered or seen on TV. Watch for them soon.

Some of our upcoming shows

  • The RVIA Industry Trade show Louisville
  • A visit to the Erwin Hymer Group known as Roadtrek facility in Kitchener, Ontario
  • New RV Videos with Mark and Dawn Polk for RV Education 101
RVIA show in Louisville - watch for upcoming show

RVIA show in Louisville - watch for upcoming ROTV show

Carefree of Colorado Manufacturing Awnings

Carefree of Colorado Awnings - watch for this in an upcoming show!

Watch for RV 101 Educational Videos

Watch for RV 101 Educational Videos

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