Dog-Friendly RVs from Highland Ridge, Traveling with Pets from RV Education 101, Destination Lake Chelan and 10 Campground Connections from RV Education 101.

Pet-Friendly RV from Highland Ridge RV

On this week’s show we ‘go to the dogs’ as Angelia, the brand manager of Highland Ridge RV, shows Michelle the pet-friendly features of this RV. From the feeding area, to the easy to clean floor and off the floor grate, to the bathing possibilities and other pet friendly features, you’ll see why ‘Cookie’ loves her RV!

As we know, one of the favorite reasons that people purchase an RV is so they CAN travel with their pets. Several RV manufacturers have incorporated very convenient features for we pet owners which makes our on the road experiences that much nicer!

To see more Highland Ridge RV pet friendly floor plans, click here.

Tips for Traveling with Pets

Mark and Dawn Polk, of RV Education 101, travel with their dogs. Today, Mark offers a great list of tips to ensure your travel with your canine or feline or whatever pet you have, is enjoyable and safe for all!

Items such as having all their health paperwork and important phone numbers, to having photos of them on your phone in the case of an ‘escapee’,  to making sure your pets are comfortable and safe inside your RV if you leave them there, be sure to check out Tips for Traveling with Pets.

Destination Lake Chelan in Washington State

This highly recommended area in North Central Washington state, is full of areas to explore, learn about, taste and ‘recreate’!

Lake Chelan is more than 50 miles long and is a nirvana for water sports!

The history of the area provides nice tourist attractions along with contemporary facilities, artwork, restaurants… and the climate is conducive to growing a particular fruit, resulting in 16 wineries located along the highways. What a taste treat!

Several camping choices in the area from the Lakeshore RV park which is close to town,  the Kamei Campground and RV Resort, which is 3 miles outside of town, with 55 sites located along the river, and there’s also a state park among other choices.

Be sure to check out this segment for a treasure trove of ideas on what to do in the Lake Chelan area.

Ten Recommended Campground Connections

Our second appearance from Mark Polk of RV Education 101 on this show is about 10 Campground Connections you should have in your RV.

From Coaxial Cable to water regulator to disposal gloves, every one of these items will lessen anxiety and can come in VERY handy!

These stories and more on this week’s Rollin On TV!