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A Behind The Scenes look at the Quartzsite RV Show

I’m sure most of you are familiar or have heard of the Quartzsite Arizona RV and Camping Show. Just in case you haven’t, here’s a couple of quick facts. It’s billed as the largest RV consumer show in the world and averages around 1-million visitors during its 8-day span. That’s wild when you consider the average population of Quartzsite is around 2,500 people.

The actual location of this show is nothing but barren land until a couple of weeks before the show and then a wild transformation occurs as you see in the areal photo.

The Quartzsite show is way more than an RV and Camping show. Best way to describe it aside from an enormous RV show, is a combination county fair, large flea market, with a midway full of food and drink locations.

Of course people watching is a great passtime during the show. Join John DiPietro from RV Insights as he spent some time with Kimmy King, the producer of the event and learned a lot about the history of the show, what goes into setting everything up to handle such a large crowd. He joined Kimmy as they opened the gates to the 41st annual show.

This story is coming up on season #2!