A couple created a treehouse RV by using a crane to lift their 7,000-pound trailer onto a platform 8 feet above the ground

In the winter, Tina and Paul Arthurs plan to jump on their snowmobiles and head to their treehouse RV on the St. John River in New Brunswick, Canada. 

There, they’ll climb up a ladder, step into an RV that’s floating above the ground, and warm up in front of the RV’s fireplace. In the spring, the kitchen will be teeming with fresh vegetables picked from their garden. 

The couple will have access to their RV year-round without the worry of flooding. It’s a confidence that they lacked just a few months ago, Tina told Insider, until they moved their RV onto a treehouse-like platform this summer. 

In 2018, 2.5 feet of water flooded the couple’s main home, which is also located in New Brunswick. Since floods are a common worry in their area, they wanted to find a way to protect their RV from potential damage, Tina said.

So they got creative and built a treehouse RV.

Floods prompted the couple’s unusual solution

Images of a RV lofted on a platform in New Brunswick, Canada.
The couple said the structure is still a work in progress, and they plan to add a roof. Tina described the monstrous process of preparing for floods every spring — snowmobiles, cars, lawnmowers, and their RV all must be moved to higher ground.

The couple wanted to find a way to save time and effort each year, so they brainstormed ways to avoid having to relocate their travel trailer, Tina said.

That’s when Paul recalled how his home state of New Jersey handled the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, she added. Read the rest of the story here.