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A family of 8 is traveling through Australia's most remote regions in a fully customized, 2-story motorhome.

An Australian family of eight is traveling around the wilds of Australia in a veritable mansion on wheels. The family, who prefers to remain anonymous, contacted Australia’s leading luxury expedition vehicle manufacturer, SLRV, two years ago about designing a camper that would allow them explore the country’s most remote regions for months on end, SLRV cofounder Warwick Boswerger told Business Insider. This was no small feat: Australia is home to some of the world’s last true wilderness and is the driest inhabited continent on Earth, consisting of 70% arid or semi-arid land. But SLRV was up to the challenge. Boswerger and his team designed a two-story, 40-foot long camper van that New Atlas describes as “apocalypse-grade” and ranks among the largest expedition vehicles in the world. More