A Great Mimosa… in a Can!
They use real fruit juice to fill almost one third of the can. 


A Great Mimosa... in a Can!

This past week, I had the opportunity to taste a new cocktail in a can and before you say anything, yes, I am skeptical of most so-called canned drinks. Being a TV show, we constantly have companies sending us new products to sample and in most cases; they end up in our sample archives bin.

In this instance, no one sent us a sample and I had never heard of Ohza mimosa. A friend just gave it to me and I must say, I was impressed and I’m not the kind of person that gets easily impressed. So, what is this drink that got my attention? It’s a premium mimosa in a can produced by a company called OHZA, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Ohza Mimosa is made with premium Brut Sparkling Wine from the Finger Lakes region of upper state New York. Then they use real fruit juice to fill almost one third of each can. By not adding sugary fruit extract or flavor additives, OHZA has the same calorie count as hard seltzer.

Ohza has 80% less sugar and 60% fewer calories than one batch oh mimosas served at a restaurant or bar. Each can is 140 calories with 5% ALC/ VOL and up to 30% juice. It’s also gluten-free and the cans are recyclable. Ohza mimosa comes in six-packs and 12-packs.

The company recently introduced a classic bellini and a mango mimosa to its lineup. Right now Ohza mimosa is available at 750 + independent and local retailers and markets throughout New England and can also be shipped right to your doorstep in 29-states.

Whether you’re an RVer, boater or a camper, if you like mimosa’s then you know it’s no fun lugging bottles of Champagne and quarts of orange juice, let alone finding the space to store all these ingredients. With Ohza… mimosas are no longer just for brunch.

To find out more visit their website at https://www.ohzamimosas.com/.