SHOW 2022-07


An Easy Destination - The Great Platte River Road Archway

Do you ever find yourself wanting to travel a few hundred miles in one day and wishing there were a cool place that’s easy on/off the highway to break up that long day? If you’re traveling on Interstate 80 through Nebraska, I’ve got the perfect spot for you.

RV Review of the Coachman Freedom Express and Ram 3500 Truck

Toy hauler trailers are extremely popular today, and the Coachmen Freedom Express we tested with the Ram 3500 truck is a good example of that RV type. The Ram did its expected good job of hauling the trailer to Riley Ranch County Park. 

RV Education 101 - Converting a Rare Van Camper - Episode 1 of 5!

Hi, I’m Mark Polk with “RV Education 101.” We’re starting an exciting project today.  We decided to renovate an old van into a modern-day off-road weekend getaway camper van. View the show segment here AND see the full unedited episode too!

Calavaras State Park - Magnificent Giant Sequoias in Arnold CA

The park is a wonderful display of the largest tree species alive today. The giant sequoia, closely related to the coastal redwood, is well-named because it’s big and it’s the largest living organism on the planet.

Here you can enjoy the extended version of Mark and Dawn Polk of RV Education 101’s Ram Camp Van Conversion Project – Episode 1!

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