Show 2021-05

A Sporty RV Destination – ‘Vettes’! Also, RVWA’s part 4 of its ‘Drab to Fab’ project. Mark of RV Education 101 shares how to prevent tire failure.

RV destination

Heading to Kentucky? Stop at the National Corvette Museum!

This is a fantastic RV destination if you are a sports car lover. We are here at the holy grail of Corvettes, the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. So yes, plenty of RV parking, but we’re going to go inside and get some history of this iconic American sports car. Let’s go in and drool a bit.

RV Community

RVWA Moves Along on their Drab to Fab Project - Episode 4

Jennifer Young, co-owner Outdoorsy: This was a great experience for me. I definitely have used power tools before, but I’ve never been on the assembly line of building out a trailer or an RV. So today, I got the joy of learning how to assemble one of the windows. So, I was surprised to learn about how to get the tape perfectly nestled around the corners of the window. And I’m not sure if anybody would consider me expert in the use of a drill, but I did manage to get all my screws into the window, and that was my project for the day. It was great.

RV education 101

Mark Shares How to Prevent Tire Failure

Today, I want to discuss how to inspect your RV tires to help prevent tire failure, and how to determine the age of your RV tires. Tires are designed and built to be used. The rubber ages faster when tires are not used, so more use results in longer tire life.